Investments in new manufacturing equipment slowing down

The 12.800 square meters manufacturing plant in Xian Technology Park is almost ready, but investments in equipment will be slowed down, according to the reduced export share forecasts outside China, Korea and India.
Feanor traditional Automotive, Aerospace and Defense markets in South East are not so bad as in the West, and focus will be there in the next two years.
Feanor got no support for research in Estonia in the last twelve years, nor for participation to exhibitions to improve export turnover, that's why design, prototyping and manufacturing of new sensors will be relocated in Xian plant.
Future patents will be registered in China and 10-15 technical staff will be initially provided by Xian Technology Institute. Optimal size would be 300 units.
Other reasons for relocating is lack of local industrial customers (export for many products has constantly been 100%) and skilled personnel.
'Chinese are clever, active and motivated, and this is what is most needed for hi-tech research'.
Translation services, representing more than 10% of total activities, will continue to operate in Estonia.


Finnish Quality Innovation Prize 2010 - Tarja Halonen tunnustas Eesti ettevõtteid Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinnaga

Tarja Halonen tunnustas Eesti ettevõtteid Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinnaga

Tervisliku Piima Biotehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus OÜ ja Feanor OÜ võitsid täna õhtul Soomes Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinna. Eritunnustuse pälvis AS Vähiuuringute Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus.
Soome presidendi Tarja Haloneni osalusel anti täna õhtul Helsingis, rahvusvahelisel kvaliteedipäeval, Soome kvaliteediauhinna galal Eesti ettevõtetele üle kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinnad.
„Õnnitlen võitjaid! Teie saavutus on kiiduväärt mitmes mõttes. Esiteks annab see tõestust selle kohta, et ettevõtluse ja teaduse koostöö on viljakandev. Samas olete teistele eeskujuks seetõttu, et saavutasite tunnustuse rahvusvahelisel konkursil, sest Eesti ettevõtluse rahvusvahelistumine peab saama argipäevaks,“ sõnas majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniminister Juhan Parts. „Jäite silma oma ala rahvusvahelistele spetsialistidele, kes on selle auhinnaga öelnud, et teie koduturuks võib juba homme olla kogu maailm.“
Tervisliku Piima Biotehnoloogiate Arenduskeskusele tõi Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinna uudne Eestis leiutatud ja kliiniliselt katsetatud vererõhku alandav mikroobitüvi TENSIA ning Feanor OÜ-le freesimise terad, mis aitavad saavutada märkimisväärset aja- ja ressursisäästu.


LPM-503 micro-high pressure/temperature sensor

LPM-503 micro-high pressure / temperature sensor

LPM-503 micro-high pressure, temperature, pressure sensor integrated with the international advanced sputtered thin film sensor.
Thin film technology sensitive material attached to 17-4PH stainless steel sputtering elastic membrane, molecular bonding, manufactures with the most advanced automation equipment, in a special 10 clean room for sensitive components, ion beam sputtering radio, lithography, laser trimming process, no adhesives, no creep and defect aging, high accuracy, high-temperature characteristics at zero setting, working temperature bandwidth, adverse conditions.

Applications: oil pressure, temperature measurement, pressure measurement in common rail diesel engines, high temperature and pressure measurement in  injection molding machines

High accuracy
Shock and vibration resistant
High stability
Wide operating temperature range

1,3 power excitation source (1: ground, 3: power supply +)
2,4 signal output
1,5 temperature resistance
Soldering material: Nickel - ultrasonic bonding

Pressure range (bar): 5, 7, 10, 16, 20, 35, 70, 100, 160, 250, 400, 700,1000, 1600, 1800, 2200
Allowed overload (% FS): 200% (damaged at 10 times full scale pressure)
Drift (% FS °C): < 0.005
Thermal sensitivity drift (% FS/°C): < 0.005
Long-term stability (% FS/year): < 0.1
Operating temperature range: -70°C ~ 200°C ( special requirement from -100 °C ~ 300 °C)
Leg resistance (KΩ): 3.2 + 0.2
Insulation Resistance (MΩ): > 500
Frequency response: >10kHz

المجهرية درجة الحرارة ارتفاع ضغط الاستشعار


Pressure automotive sensor

Universal automotive pressure sensor
Small size, low cost, high stability, high sensitivity 

Arbitrary choice range,  easy debugging 
special quick connectors 
Anti-lightning, anti-RF interference 
zero and full scale adjustable (optional)  
special thimble design

Applications: Standard automotive hydraulic, pneumatic, braking systems, engine, air compressor, cooling systems, power steering

Measurement medium: all kinds of non-corrosive liquid, gas or steam 
Available ranges 0-0.1-0.6MPa-3MPa 20MPa
Overload pressure: 1.5 times the full scale 
Output :0.5-4 .5 V (3 wire) 4-20Ma (2-wire) 
Supply voltage: 5VDC (3-wire) 9-36V (2-wire)  
Medium temperature: -40-125 °C
Ambient temperature: -20-75 °C 
Interface: 1/4NPT, 1/8NPT or 7/16UNF 
full precision: -20 - 85 °C 1℅ decreased range of performance  
Linearity: ± 0.8% (full scale)
Total error: -20-85°C ± 2.5% -40-125°C ± 3.5% 
Operating Current: 0.5mA  
Output:> 20KΩ  
Voltage conversion rate: 0.3V/μS  
Overload pressure: 300% of nominal pressure  
Vibration: 20-20kHz 10g 
Weight: 15g  
Drop: 1 meter  
Range :0.1-10-35 bar oil,  0.1-36-45 bar air-conditioning, steering 

operating frequency, up to 100kHz
anti-electromagnetic interference with reverse polarity power supply protection to facilitate installation and maintenance


Những công cụ cắt đặc biệt - MTA Vietnam

Những công cụ cắt đặc biệt
Feanor sẽ mang đến những công cụ cắt hiệu quả cao hoàn toàn mới với những lưỡi dao sắc bén được sản xuất ngay tại MTA VIETNAM2010. Feanor đã thiết kế ra và được cấp bằng sáng chế là công nghệ hoàn toàn mới, cho phép chế tạo những đường rãnh trên roto với hiệu suất cao hơn nhiều chỉ thông qua hai bước và sử dụng hai công cụ dùng cac-bua đặc và hệ thống làm lạnh nội tại, một hệ thống để xử lý và một hệ thống để làm bóng. Đã được thử nghiệm ở rất nhiều nhà máy tại Châu Âu và gần đây là tại Trung Quốc và Ấn Độ trên những loại máy mới và có công suất hoạt động lớn, giải pháp này đã cho phép giảm tổng lượng thời gian sản xuất trên một roto cơ bản từ 1200 giờ xuống còn 960 giờ.

Từ khoá: giao thoa laser, hiệu chuẩn các máy công cụ, máy công cụ kiểm tra, kiểm tra việc phối hợp đo lường máy móc, phần mềm kiểm soát chất lượng, đào tạo 6 sigma, Thiết kế của thí nghiệm, FMEA, Không Mode và Phân tích Hiệu quả, độ chính xác đo lường, dụng cụ đo lường, xanh lá cây vành đai, vành đai màu vàng, nạc sản xuất. đặc biệt các công cụ cắt, bảo trì máy tính, máy sửa chữa.


MTA Vietnam Machine Tools Exhibition 6-9 July

UFP and Feanor will exhibit at MTA Vietnam, machine Tools Show, booth AK 4-4 within the premises of the Italian Technology  Pavilion. Exhibition website MTA http://www.mtavietnam.com
Feanor will display movies on the new technology for turbine shaft grooving using solid carbide pinetree cutters with internal cooling, the latest development of LP30 laser interferometer for fast acquisition up to 20 m/s speed (in one single direction) and the 6 sigma Green Belt Training Program.

We are willing to start Six Sigma Training in Vietnam soon - said Feanor CEO - which will be our first engagement in the South East Asian market and at the same time increase the presence of our metrology products in this area. We have been very active in China recently, but this area also deserves attention and is ready to improve its metrology structure and calibration laboratory equipment.


Green sensor thin film Platinum temperature sensors: software from Estonia, hardware from China

Feanor OU signed an agreement for the development of Platinum temperature sensors in Xi'an Research Park.
This technology is actually only available from manufacturers in USA and Germany and saw a rapid increase in the last years, despite the international financial crisis which impacted the automotive and related manufacturing business. These 'green' and versatile sensors have an estreme wide measuring range, from -196 °C to 1000 °C and are employed in aircrafts (more than 100 in each single aircraft), engines, process technology, micro-heaters, gas sensors, bio-sensors and flow sensors.
Feanor will develop data acquisition software and the R&D base. The new plant, which includes a clean room, will be operational in 2011 and will employ approximately 400 people.

Joint research from China and Estonia or high frequency measurement in space environment

Feanor OU, Tallinn, Xi’An North WesternTechnical University and Chinese network, Xi’An reached a cooperation on joint study on a new device for measurement in low pressure fluid mechanics for use on nanosatellites.
The idea of a nanosatellite has nothing to do with nanotechnology, a term that refers the precise engineering of materials on atomic and molecular scales. Nanosatellites are appealing because their small size makes them affordable. From a military perspective, a nanosatellite may be useful for the redundancy it could offer. Its small size can also help in avoiding detection.

Feanor will provide the measurement technology through a double frequency Zeeman laser interferometer source with increased speed, measuring istantaneous position, speed and acceleration of an extrememly light pendulum in a vacuum chamber vibrating at a frequency close to 10 kHz, at different environmental temperatures and pressures.
A software application using Labview 7 will be developed to analyse data. The development of the measuring device is supported by Chinese government, as North Western University in Xi'An is one of the key research centers.

Estonian special tools approved by Chinese nuclear equipment manufacturer

Feanor OU has been granted participation to a tender for development and supply of F type cutters for manufacturing of nuclear power generation equipment by Shanghai Electric (China), after successful dimensional pre-testing. F Cutters will be used for blade manufacturing on existing machines provided by US manufacturer and later on indigenous machines. Design is planned to start in the next weeks and testing will be held in Shanghai in October 2010.

Estonian company successful in turbofan manufacturing technology

Feanor OU successfully tested HM brazed milling cutters with 40° helix, without coating and with a new Zirc coating, in manufacturing of Aluminim alloys for aerospace.
This cutter has been competing against other manufacturers from Germany, Israel and Japan and will be used in the largest Chinese manufacturer of military aircraft engines.
Also a special guided reamer in solid carbide has been found effective in manufacturing high speed Titanium alloy components.